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Camel Down Duvet

This creation is one of a kind!

Camel down is the inner layer of hair on the Bactrian Camel. It’s literally hand-gather by herdsman during the camel’s malting season in Spring. This process is both sustainable and stress free for the animal.

The duvet shells are a very special weave of 50% silk and 50% fine cotton jacquard fabric further enhancing the look and performance- there really is no other duvet like this! The camel down duvet drapes over your body like silk and feels ‘light’ in weight.

Queen sizes are 230cm x 230cm (90” x 90”)

King sizes are 264cm x 230cm (104″ x 90″)

The Bactrian, or two-humped camel, is native to the Gobi Desert. They’re exposed to temperatures averaging as low as -40°C in winter and very high in summer. During these extremes, the camel down is responsible for protecting and regulating the animal’s temperature. These thermal properties are transferred to your duvet when filled with the camel’s down. Excess moisture is drawn or ‘wicked’ away to keep you cozy and dry. This action works throughout the year regardless of season.

Camel down is a superior natural material being inherently Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial, meaning it does not support an environment for allergens like dust-mites or bacteria. The duvet will also resist body odor, mold and mildew. This is great news for asthmatics.

Our duvets are certified free from harmful substances by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 “Confidence in Textiles”.